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Business Funding

Increase cash flow.  Without increasing debt.

Factoring will advance you money based on your customer's creditworthiness; it doesn't matter if you're a new business or have poor credit.

The cost to you? As low as 2.5%.


  • Continuous Cash Flow

  • Eliminates the need for another loan 

  • Funds transferred as quick as same day

  • No minimum credit score 

  • Start-ups or poor credit no problem


  • No Start-up fees, No application fees

  • No long-term contract, No monthly minimums

  • High advance rates, No reporting fees

  • Eliminates Business Flow Bottlenecking

  • Pick and choose your invoices

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Solve your cash flow problem, same day

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Invoice factoring is trusted by countless small and mid-sized businesses. The benefits: you receive funds your client owes you now, rather than waiting weeks or months for them to pay you.


When a customer owes you money, a factor purchases your invoice(s), and you receive your funds immediately to use for any pressing need (payroll, equipment, a new project or order, rent, inventory, marketing, personal use, or any other need). 


The cost? As low as 2.5%. There are other factoring companies, but none are as flexible as our funding partner. They do what they promise, no strings, or extra fees, or minimums, attached. We work together with you and our factoring partner to get cash flowing. Now. 


Fulfill your open purchase orders without coming up with your own funds

Business Colleagues

 Purchase order financing gives businesses the ability to fulfill an unlimited number of P.O.'s.  It's a smart, helpful and speedy method by which your business gets the much-needed funding to fill open purchase orders you'd otherwise not have the finances to complete on your own

Simply put, the P.O. financing partner pays for the goods based off the P.O. directly and the supplier sends the product, per normal procedures.


Once your customer receives the goods, the factor company will advance additional funds directly to you based off the invoice amount. The factor company then waits to collect the invoice payment from the customer.  

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