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That Actually Works

(We prove our results before you pay anything.)

"Pay us and we'll get you results (or we won't, but you'll still pay us.)"
You've been through that, right? 

That's not us. We deliver real marketing results before you pay.

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Actually, you have 2 problems:
Problem 1. Prospective customers find your competitors before they find you.

You know if you had more positive reviews, you'd appear first.

Problem 2. Customers & prospects can't always get in touch with you; you can't always reply to their messages, questions, or reviews. The result: you're losing business.

Our Solution:
Pay us nothing for a month as we fix both problems

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Here's how we do it.

Your Solution in 3 Simple Steps:

We Automate & Simplify the Customer Review Process for you.

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  • More Positive Reviews

  • Increased Credibility

  • Page 1 Presence

  • More Customers

Watch as we hit the start button on your personalized A.I., a genius automated tool that makes collecting and responding to reviews simple and effective. What happens when you double, triple or quadruple your reviews? Let's find out...

Page 1 Results


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Are you available for customers and prospects 24/7?

You are now.

We'll automate your chat communications with cutting edge A.I. tech using Chat GPT.

Ours is THE ONLY tool of its kind integrated with your Google local business profile! 


Not only can your business instantly respond to inquiries whether you're online or off, but with Google integration, the amount of reviews you're likely to attract is greatly increased!

Plus, our tool automatically replies to a review when it comes in -- a big positive in the eyes of Google, and to people reviewing you, or those who are reading your reviews to learn about you.

And... when a review comes in, you get to direct where it goes, or if it goes. Want it to go to Google? Or Yelp, or somewhere else. Or do you want to speak to the reviewer before the review goes live? We set up the system beforehand, with your input, so it knows where you want reviews to go.

Sounds complicated but it couldn't be simpler.  

Our friendly A.I. robot instantly gets to know your business and how you need to respond to each inquiry. When someone starts a chat with you, all their questions are answered, as if a rep from your company were chatting with them - actually, even better.

All possible answers are programmed in automatically, so the response is always quick, accurate and helpful in moving your prospect or customer toward the action you desire.

And since our software is the only web chat software partnered with Google Local, when someone visits your Google local business page, they can start a chat with you from there! (You won't find that option anywhere else - it makes a BIG difference!).

All other Google business profiles will have only a phone & email option. But you'll have a chat option! There's no better way to ensure that a your prospect or customer doesn't get frustrated than by offering them their preferred communication method.

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Your Website is Sick.  

So We Fix It.

There's a problem with your website's relationship with Google. That's a big reason why your competitors show up before you when customers do a search.

During your free test drive, we'll pinpoint the problem, then fix it.  

  • We perform a free keyword analysis to determine what's working and what's not.

  • We optimize your site so Google is happy by claiming all and necessary citation links.

  • We'll achieve 1st page rankings for search phrases that matter to your business. 

  • You only pay upon results (and we expect big results in less than 30-days!) 

  • If your keywords don't rank, you don't pay. 


Ready for your Free One-Month Test Drive?

You have literally nothing to lose.

Talk to us. We'll explain what to expect during your free test drive & what happens when the month is over.

* DM via LinkedIn
* Phone: (516) 650-5805
* Or contact us below

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